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Monday, 20 June 2011
shaken and definitely not stirred.

Hello readers! This isn't going to be a very long entry, but I just thought I felt like sharing this little experience of mine while I was in the hospital last Tuesday - the day I published my previous entry.

I did mention that I had my stem cells extracted and collected for harvesting. During the start of my session, I felt my chair vibrate. I thought it was just the machine producing strong vibrations, hence causing the chair to vibrate. I shrugged the thought away and continued observing the machine; being in awe of its complexity.

Then, the bed that was in the room started to shake as well. I assumed it was just me feeling dizzy since I was having my blood extracted from my body for filtering. My assumption continues for the next few seconds till one of the oncology nurses who was using the bed as a makeshift table jumped up from her chair so suddenly, and started asking both my parents who were there, "Did you feel that too? The place is shaking!"

My parents felt the tremors too. I then realised that the vibrations from the chair I was sitting on wasn't because of the machine, but from the earthquake that happened in Indonesia on the same day.

I am very lucky in the sense that we only felt the tremors, and things weren't too serious. Imagine me having to evacuate the hospital with me connected to one complicated and heavy machine! (I was on the fifth floor by the way.) Not forgetting the patients who are undergoing surgeries and other complex medical procedures, because quite a number of Malaysians who felt the tremors are forced to evacuate the buildings they were in.

The last time I experienced tremors was back when I was still in secondary school. I was attending a Japanese class when suddenly the tables and chairs in the classroom started to shake!

I'm thankful I'm living in Malaysia, where we are earthquake-free at the moment. Hopefully we all can stay safe with all these natural disasters happening around the world.


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