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I refuse to refer to my condition as a disease. I would rather phrase it as a 'series of unfortunate events'.

I learn something new with each passing day. This is the story of my journey, and you're welcome to follow me in every step that I take.

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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Hello to all!

With this post, I would like to take the opportunity to sincerely apologise to everybody who had been worried about my recent state of emotions.

It was just a phase, and I got over it.

Thinking back about how I was this close to being depressed, I feel really stupid. I wasn't being sensible, causing people to worry about me like that. I'm even giving people the wrong impression of me, that I'm only all talk and I'm not capable of walking the talk.

The earlier posts have certainly been embarrassing. Haha.

But still, I'm not going to delete those posts. It's evidence that I do have my ups and downs as a cancer patient. Of course, I'm not going to be sad and depressed about my condition 24/7. To be honest, I can't be expected to be happy all the time either. I have emotions and feelings, like any other normal human being. This is to clarify those misconceptions, that cancer patients are either complete optimists or pessimists.

Ultimately, it still depends on each individual to accept the fact that he or she has cancer in a positive or negative light.

By the way, I'll be going for the usual blood test next Monday and a CT scan to check on the tumour. Right after, I'll be undergoing my fourth chemo session.

Oh yes! Thank you to everybody who offered me encouraging and supportive words by leaving tags and comments in this blog. It really means a lot to me, every single one of them. I'll reply each and every one of those tags and comments, but I'll take time. Do bear with me.

Cheers, and a very Happy Malaysia Day to my Malaysian readers!

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